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...yet I felt like I should probably write something anyway. Ideally, after numerous failed attempts, THIS is the site I FINALLY end up using on the regular. If the topics on the main page aren't telling enough, I've got some pretty weird hobbies; most of which I can't really talk about/would feel very strange talking about with people on the regular. That's where this site comes in― a massive infodump on all the different things I enjoy, in part because I enjoy them and in part because I'm hoping that by documenting all these things, I'll have my own high quality reference to look back on. I also hear writing things down helps you remember them better. Who knew?

I hope to talk about everything on here, from film, to Japanese language (with maybe some interesting english linguistics tossed in), to all aspects of history. Most/all of the content on here will probably revolve around my interests in Japan, but I'll also be posting highly frequently in this category about my day to day life, venting/rambling, and whatever else I feel like talking about that doesn't really fit any of the other paradigms.