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Small (large, for me) life update.

Someone in my Discord server reccomended that I make an account and become a Wikipedia contributor for the WikiProject Japan team, so I did. I've been wanting to contribute to something that matters for a little while now, so I figure what better way to do that than to contribute to free knowledge, especially considering the distinct lack of effort that's gone into some important pages.

The first major project I'll be tackling is translating in full the current jp Wikipedia page for the Hōjō, and using it to fill in information missing from the above linked english Wikipedia article. This is described by wikipedia as a content gap, which seems rather nice to start with considering I don't really feel like citing proper educational sources my first few goes at it. Regardless, history related posts will flood in when I need a break from translation work, as there's things I really wanna talk about that don't really require much research for me to talk about. Notably, expect an article on the tools and equipment of Samurai (ironically that I have a documented source for).

Other than that, I registered for university classes today. My major is in Elementary Education, and as someone who's struggled pressing through irrelevant/uninteresting classes, I was pretty happy to see things like "Developmental Educational Psychology" and "Educating in Diverse Regions" as things availible to me immediately. I mulled over the thought of taking "Elementary Japanese", knowing I'd be far ahead of it but thinking that formal reinforcement of the basics may be worth the time. Regardless, I didn't sign up, because our school doesn't offer much in the way of any other Japan-related cultural studies, and the only additional class afterwards was "Elementary Japanese II". No thanks.

I've had a lot to be excited about lately, and having this site to talk about it has improved my mental state considerably. Thank you for reading, to those that do.