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My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, that I was super excited about when I got. I figured it would be great; I could take notes, have a proper language learning companion, customize it however I wanted, and of course, play any game I wanted to play. Ironically, when I got it, I basically didn't use it for anything, and these days, while I do use it for most things, I still didn't really have anything that looked interesting enough to play. Alas, most of my trips to the toilet or ventures pretending to have something else to do to not make eye contact with others were occupied solely by Anki flash cards.

I suppose I felt like I'd had enough of worthwhile uses of my time- who's productive these days anyway? Certainly not me, and so I didn't really do anything about this feeling in the first place because that's exactly the type of Lazy Asshole I am. Thankfully though, a wonderful new friend of mine swooped me off my feet and introduced me to what I can only imagine will someday be the worst thing to ever happen to me: Granblue Fantasy.

I think in general Gacha games aren't a good idea for me; not because I have any sort of addictive personality, but because it seems like when I pcik one up, I always end up taking them way too seriously, or at least too seriously for someone who's trying to go to college and learn a language. However, it just so happens that MOST of the Japanese used in Granblue is extremely simple, with challenging bits only thrown into the story. The characters are cute, the visual novel side of it genuinely is well written (and fully voiced?!), and it's got some pretty neat attack animations.

I don't really care how hellish the rest of the game may be, and maybe that's the biggest problem. I'll probably get drawn back in to the flash card grind anyway.