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Heya. I almost put this in ETC, but I figured this was way too cool of a resource to group together with my personal ramblings, so I've decided to just slap a [blog] tag on it and call it good. Creating some sort of system to sort through tagged posts is on my to-do list, but for now they're just aesthetic I suppose.

Words can't even describe how amazing I think this site is. Steven Kraft's Japanese Projects is an INVALUABLE resource and I can't even believe I'm only now hearing about it, nor can I believe how obscure the place I heard about it was (Inaka, a beautifully designed neocities site I stumbled upon). The site has a bunch of in-browser games centered around verb and adjective conjugation, including the ability to show kanji (surprisingly rare feature for learners?) as well as the ability to randomize forms and conjugate as you see them, very similar to writing.

As someone who writes in Japanese semi-regularly to engrain what I already know, this is HUGE. It can be very difficult, and even discouraging, to find something to write about using the words that I know and no outside help. Then, getting outside help feels like a crutch. It's a weird inner cycle I have in my learning that I only have the energy to fight every other day of the week. In between, though, I have this; a tool to randomly cycle me through verb conjugations to AT LEAST identify where my weaknesses are. I highly reccomend this to anyone learning who feels the need to "grind something out".

Plus, there's some pretty cute cheat sheet charts too.